Accurate Assessment Tree Surveying

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Using the latest technology, Sean Wright can accurately assess the health of your tree in order to advise on the most appropriate course of action. Resistographs are used to measure the mechanical properties of the wood and endoscopes give us a clear view of what is happening in cavities and fissures in your tree.

There are many reasons that a tree survey may be necessary:


The resistograph is a sensitive instrument for measuring the integrity of the wood within your tree. Resistography is a technique based drilling a tiny, non-damaging hole in the tree to a depth of 500mm. As the drill moves through the wood, resistance to its progress is charted on wax paper and stored electronically so that changes over time can be measured. The IML-RESI F500S is highly sensitive to changes in resistance through the wood.

The Resistograph has a number of uses, for Arborists it is used to determine the amount of decay in living trees or dead stems. We also use it in root assessment following Air-spade investigations and during climbing inspections. The Resistograph will provide you with measurable data that helps determine to what extent a tree is at risk of failure. It is also invaluable for assessing structural roof beams, bridge timbers, wooden framed houses and playground furniture. Timber preservationists can get valuable information from the resistograph about the presence of wet or dry rot, or infestations of insects such as woodworm, boring beetle and deathwatch beetle.

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